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Welcome to  John Ferguson Design

You’re not going to hear a lot of catch phrases and “Buzz” words here, but a little bit about myself may be helpful.
I have been involved in the Toy/Consumer Product industry for over 20 years. I started as a modelmaker in 1988 and did that for 12 years which, I believe, gives me a unique perspective, as a designer, as to ‘How things work’.

We specialize in SolidWorks 3D solid modeling especially in the area of highly contoured, non-prismatic parts.  We understand that what you are looking for is someone who knows that things like draft, manufacturing tolerances, parts count, and material concerns, need to be thought about during the creation of the 3D model, not as an afterthought.

Our mechanism design & surfacing expertise allows us to create an engineering model from your “napkin sketches” or artists rendering without sacrificing artistic intent. We also have complete CNC capabilities using MasterCam X3 Level 3 (full 3D milling) so we can take your model from the virtual world into the real world in a variety of materials.

We hope you will find everything you are looking for on these pages, however, do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or comments.